-- Greg Wicketts, Vice President, Program Management, Diversified Technical Services, Inc.

Thanks for all you do for Team DTSI. You are truly remarkable - both personally and professionally! We look forward to working with you for many years to come!

-- Ed Bonoit, Recovery Knowledge

Recovery Knowledge not having REXX and DB2 experience on the Windows platform contacted Chris Fierros of Ten Digit Consulting  Chris installed OORXXX and supplied us with the code to Backup and Restore a Database on DB2 LUW (Windows).  The supplied code worked the first time with zero errors.  Great job. Well Done.

-- Scott Halecki, Project Manager, Northrop Grumman

We had an immediate need to have a third party review our implementation of a moderately complex web-based 3-tier system.  In particular we needed a DB2 expert that could review our installation, configuration, and implementation of the DB2 product on our Window 2000 server.  The task could take no longer than a week and required the third party to be able to work large amounts of that time on their own.

After interviewing two other candidates, we selected Ten Digit Consulting and in particular Chris Fierros for his well round knowledge and expertise with the DB2 product.  Chris interviewed our DBAs and met with our System Administrators briefly early in the week.  He spent a large portion of the week on his own reviewing and documenting out installing, configuration, and implementation of DB2 as well as the Windows 200 server in relationship to the overall production suite.  Chris was extremely flexible during the week and was eager to entertain various questions.  Questions that extended past his level of comfort (i.e. questions about other IBM products), Chris was able to provide us with a point of contact that was able to quickly address the question.  The week concluded with a thorough review of the documented results and recommendations Chris compiled over the course of the week with our DBAs and System Administrators.

Since Chris’ visit, our staff was able to quickly implement two of the several recommendations documented in his report.  The result of those two implementations was an increase in productivity of both our staff and our hardware and DB2 software.  Our staff has spent the past three days planning the implementation of the rest of Chris’ recommendations.  They are extremely comfortable and confident with the recommended approached provided by Chris.

-- Kevin Jones, Managing Director of Customer Service, Software Earnings, Inc.

Ten Digit Consulting provided the DB2 UDB expertise on the Windows platform that was essential for a successful implementation. Many consultants advertise DB2 UDB skills, but they do not include the affects of Windows tuning on performance. We were very impressed with Chris’ overall understanding of server technology, backup/disaster recovery approaches, and Windows 2000 integration strategies. Chris took the initiative to understand the application environment and business elements of the software. This enabled us to discuss potential impacts of changes in the workflow and design of the server strategy.

 -- Douglas Duenkel, Field Vice President, Egenera, Inc.

Chris produces phenominal results. Our work with Chris at a large Internet company produced results that were orders of magnitude faster than that of the competition.  Chris' professional work ethic and dedication make him a valued partner to Egenera.  We look forward to more joint success.

-- Jeff Henshaw, Project Manager, Time Warner Cable.

I was extremely pleased with the database implementation on our web self care project. Chris was very knowledgeable in each step of the database platform implementation and was quite speedy and thorough as well. Highly recommended...without hesitation, we would have him back in the future if the project warranted.

-- Allen M. Benson, Business Technology Manager, Sta-Rite Industries

We had a backup issue with our DB2 database supporting our Siebel system and we were having problems finding someone to assist us.  I found Ten Digit Consulting on the web and called Chris to see if he could assist us.  He walked us through the backup steps over the phone never having been at our company or any experience working with our system.  We were able to, with his assistance, partitian our backup to utilize available space and perform the backup.  He has been supporting our DB2 database ever since.  We recenly engaged him to perform remote monitoring of our database.  He is very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable regarding DB2.  I would recommend him for any DB2 work that needs to be performed.  He saved us a lot of time and money because of his expertise with DB2.....




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